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Cardi B Faces Backlash After Hosting Large Thanksgiving Gathering

Cardi B Faces Backlash After Hosting Large Thanksgiving Gathering. On Sunday, Cardi B took to Twitter to talk about her Thanksgiving gathering, calling it “lit.”. She shared that she had “12 kids and 25 adults” over for the November holiday. . Social media users were not pleased with Cardi B’s decision to gather during the COVID-19 pandemic. . Many Americans have had to forgo or drastically alter their plans this year due to the dangers of the virus. . Cardi B replied to the criticism, saying she was “sorry” and that she wasn't trying to “offend” anyone. . She also justified her actions by saying she had spent “so much money” getting everyone tested for COVID-19 so they could attend. . Sorry my bad wasn’t trying to make nobody feel bad. I just had my family in my home for the first time and it felt so good & uplifted me. I spent soo much money getting [everyone] tested but it felt worth it, Cardi B, via Twitter. After receiving more criticism, Cardi B shared a final message on the subject, saying people were trying too hard to “be offended.” . According to Eric Cioe-Peña, director of global health with Northwell Health in New York, a negative test is not a 100% guarantee that you don't have COVID-19. . COVID-19's long incubation period make testing inconclusive, as it make take a few days from contraction for you to actually start shedding the virus. . In addition, infected people with low viral loads of COVID-19 are still contagious but more likely to receive a false negative.