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8 Ways to Support Black Lives If You Can't Attend Protests

8 Ways to Support Black Lives If You Can't Attend Protests Over the past week, protestors have gathered across the United States to take action against police brutality and systemic racism. Unfortunately, the U.S. is also in the midst of a pandemic, making protests incredibly risky for those at a higher risk of COVID-19. Here are eight other ways you can support black lives if you are unable to attend protests. 1. Donate to bail funds to support those who are being unjustly arrested by police officers during peaceful protests. 2. Take the time to do research and educate yourself on what systemic racism is and why the protests are happening. 3. Get involved with and donate to organizations that work to reform the criminal justice system. 4. Sign and share petitions that demand justice and accountability for the murder of George Floyd. 5. If you have children, educate them on the Black Lives Matter movement and why it is important. 6. Support black-owned businesses in your community. 7. Contact your representatives on federal, state and local levels and demand action. 8. Combat racism in your personal life by calling out and educating friends and family members who make racist or ignorant comments.