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Sean Connery Beats Daniel Craig to Be Named Best James Bond

Sean Connery Beats Daniel Craig to Be Named Best James Bond. In a poll by RadioTimes.com, more than 14,000 fans voted for the 89-year-old screen legend, who played the suave spy in seven films. The first round saw Connery topple current 007 Craig, claiming 56% of the vote versus Craig's 43%. Pierce Brosnan beat George Lazenby with a score of 76%. Round three saw the most surprising result, with the late Sir Roger Moore knocked out of the contest with 41%, while his successor, Timothy Dalton, earned 49% of the vote. In the end, Connery came out on top with 44% of the vote when pitted against Dalton and Brosnan. Brosnan came in third with 23% and Dalton came second with 32%. Sean Connery has once again proven he's the Bond with the midas touch. He Thunderball-ed over his opponents and received the most votes from RadioTimes.com readers (with love). It seems just like diamonds... Sean Connery's appeal as 007 is forever!, Tim Glanfield, RadioTimes.com Editorial Director, via statement