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Note From Colo. Firefighters Made a Grown Man Weep

Newser — Arden Dier

Dan Stones was prepared to see ashes when he arrived at his family cabin near Granby, Colorado, where the second largest wildfire in state history is raging.

The East Troublesome Fire had been burning within 30 miles of the cabin, which Stones tweeted was located "inside the burn line." What he found instead was a double surprise, reports CBS News: a standing cabin with a note left by firefighters inside.

They wrote that the fire had reached within six feet of the home. "If this note finds you we must have done something right," it read.

"Sorry for the loss of your shed and we had to cut the wood fence to save the house. Things got really hot we stayed as long as possible." Stones was blown away.

"I can admit I wept." Indeed, "I probably cried more in the last week than I have since I was 4 years old."

The note, signed "Engine 1446," had been left by Kyle Frary, a firefighter with the US Bureau of Land Management.

He tells CBS that he was taught to leave a note if there was action taken on someone's property. "There's a lot of good people that are doing the exact same thing we did," he says.

"We just got credit for this." Still, Stones' response was "heartwarming," says Beau Steele, another firefighter who was on the scene. The full extent of damage from the fire, which has burned 301 square miles, is unknown, per the AP.

It was 20% contained on Monday. The Cameron Peak Fire has destroyed 426 buildings across more than 326 square miles. It was 64% contained on Monday.

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