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New York State Blocks Wedding 'for 10K People'

Newser — Neal Colgrass

A wedding for 10,000 people, amid the coronavirus pandemic? Yep, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says that was the plan—and his state is shutting it down, ABC News reports.

"We received a suggestion that that was happening," he said Saturday. "We did an investigation and found that it was likely true. Look, you can get married, you just can't have 10,000 people at your wedding." Cuomo was short on details, but WABC reports that the Rockland County Sheriff's Office told state officials about the event scheduled for Monday in Williamsburg.

Whoever was hosting—and received the state's "no go" order—is allowed a hearing with the state health commissioner, but no word on that yet.

Cuomo also revealed a new "micro-cluster" strategy for fighting COVID in the fall and winter.

He said New York state will target clusters "block by block" instead of targeting regional or statewide outbreaks: "For fall we are going to deploy a micro-cluster strategy," he explained.

"We have been targeting all our actions either ... statewide ... or we reopened on a regional level. We are now going to analyze it block-by-block. We have data so specific that we can't show it because it could violate privacy conditions. We know exactly where the new cases are coming from." State officials plan to enforce tighter restrictions in so-called "red zone" areas and lighter ones in orange and yellow zones, per WBNG.

(Meanwhile, tensions are rising between Cuomo and New York City's Orthodox Jews.)

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