Utah governor race has conservative coronavirus…

The hotly contested race for the GOP nomination in the Utah governor's race is showcasing conservative fault lines over the coronavirus crisis response

President Trump Aims To Use Active Duty Military…

President Trump addressed reporters at the White House on Monday. Meanwhile law enforcement threw flash bangs and tear gas at protestors.

Mark Zuckerberg Attempts To Avoid Politics

Here's the report.

Virginia county pulls officers from DC after…

Arlington County has pulled its officers out of the District of Columbia after they helped clear peaceful protesters from a park so that President Donald Trump could have a photo opportunity outside the White House

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Lawmaker who ran for governor pleads not guilty…

A Kentucky lawmaker who ran for governor last year has pleaded not guilty after he was accused of choking a woman with an ethernet cable and trying to “hog tie” her during a domestic dispute

President Trump Urges Governors To Crack Down On…

President Trump called on governors to take more aggressive action on people causing trouble during the demonstrations over George Floyd's death.

Antifa's New Label

President Donald Trump made the announcement on Sunday.

Report: Child disparities highest in US South…

A new report says childhood disparities are worst among rural, black-majority counties in the American South and isolated counties with large Native American populations

Pelosi to Trump: Be a 'healer in chief'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling on President Donald Trump to be a “healer in chief” and not a “fanner of the flame” as the nation reels from mass protests over the treatment of black people in the United States

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President Trump Blames Media For Weekend Of Unrest

The president bashed the media on Twitter after a weekend of unrest over the killing of George Floyd.

Trump Turns On The WHO

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Putin signs Russia's nuclear deterrent policy

President Vladimir Putin has endorsed Russia’s nuclear deterrent policy which allows him to use atomic weapons in response to a conventional strike targeting the nation’s critical government and military infrastructure

US ambassador to Germany resigns from post…

The U.S. ambassador to Germany has resigned from his post and the State Department after two years in the job

Kansas Republican Susan Wagle drops out of Senate…

Trump Adviser Says Racism In Police Not Systemic

National security advisor Robert O'Brien says "a few bad apples" need to be "rooted out" of police departments.

Barack Obama Discusses George Floyd’s Death

Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter to publicly address the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Amid domestic US unrest, Pompeo hits China over…

Amid domestic U.S. unrest, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is taking aim at authorities of China and Hong Kong for barring a vigil to mark this week's anniversary of China's deadly 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square

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North Carolina hasn't received RNC's plans on how…

Confederate monuments coming down around South…

Confederate monuments are once again coming down in the South