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Startling New Theory Floated On Origins Of…

Scientists studying the origins of the coronavirus have offered up a number of theories. Now, a new study.

The Surprising Story Behind Prince William And…

Page Six takes a deep dive into the royal pair's relationship timeline.

Countries Make It Against The Law To Fake Having…

This April Fools' Day, very few people are in the mood for being pranked — or for reading news stories more surreal than what is already happening.

Iconic Italian Restaurant Chain Goes Bust As…

The beloved restaurant chain that has served Italian fare for the better part of 3 decades has called in bankruptcy administrators.

Cat Tests Positive For COVID-19

Though human-to-pet transmission of the virus was thought to be extremely rare, health officials say a cat appears to have contracted COVID-19.

Puerto Rico shutters police stations amid…

Puerto Rico has closed its fifth police station in a week as officers accuse the government of exposing one of the largest police departments in a U.S. jurisdiction to COVID-19

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Zoo Welcomes Critically Endangered Cottontop…

Check out these cute new arrivals at Taronga Zoo.

Retail Giants Begin Cutting Off Pay To Workers

Tens of thousands of retail workers who had to quit going to work when their stores were temporarily closed will now lose their paychecks.

Glasses May Offer Some Protection From Coronavirus

Glasses May Offer Some Protection From Coronavirus Good news for glasses wearers. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, wearing glasses can help you stop touching your face. This prevents one of the key points of transmission for the virus. Contact lens users must touch their eyeballs at least twice a day. They also touch their eyes more than people who wear glasses. Dr. Thomas Steinemann, via CNN Dr. Thomas Steinemann, via CNN

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Dow Skids 800 Out of the Gate

The Dow stumbled more than 800 points out of the gate on Wednesday, reports the Wall Street Journal , echoing markets around the globe a day after it closed out the worst quarter on record. That was a 4% drop; the S&P 500 lost 3.8%, and the Nasdaq lost 3%....

How To Be A Good Remote Worker

Insider reporter, Julie Bort, has been working from home for six years. She has tips for those who may suddenly find themselves doing remote work, due to the stay at home order enforced by coronavirus. Her tips for being successful while working from home include: 1. Start and end work at a specific time each day. 2. Exercise five days a week, at least. She explains "Exercise promotes endorphins, which help combat the blues or feeling sluggish. It increases mental sharpness and makes you better able to handle stress." 3. Realize that you're not a robot. Your productivity will rise and fall, just like it does in an office setting. 4. Volunteer to help at work. Julie adds, "Offer a training session on something you are good at; organize video events...offer to help a coworker who is overwhelmed."

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Europe Races To Build Hospitals For Influx Of…

Countries including Britain, Spain and Italy have quickly built hospitals to help treat thousands of coronavirus patients as the outbreak continues.

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Cuban doctors go door-to-door in low-income…

Doctors in Havana, Cuba, were going door-to-door in low-income neighborhoods on March 31, checking on residents as COVID-19 continues to spread around the world.

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To The Stars

Trailer for 'To the Stars' starring Liana Liberato, Malin Akerman, Madisen Beaty, Shea Whigham, Adelaide Clemens

5 Kinds of Drugs Found in San Diego Smuggling…

Authorities in San Diego have found another cross-border smuggling tunnel long enough to rival the only subway portion of the city's transit system—along with a lot more drugs than usual. Federal agents say they found drugs worth almost $30 million in the 2,000-foot tunnel, which connected warehouses in...

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Wimbledon canceled for 1st time since WWII…

Wimbledon has been canceled for the first time since World War II because of the coronavirus pandemic

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Watch A Happy Hippo Do Backflips

Watch a happy hippo do blackflips.

Do Beards Help Spread Coronavirus?

Do Beards Help Spread Coronavirus? There's been some debate about whether or not beards can spread coronavirus. Beards are notoriously germy. But beard-lovers can rejoice. Your scruff is most likely not increasing your chances of spreading COVID-19. Beards only present a problem when it comes to mask safety. Dr. Thomas Russo, via HuffPost Dr. Thomas Russo, via HuffPost Practicing good hygiene and handwashing for at least 20 seconds can help prevent the spread of the virus.