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Ballistics Report Could Cast Doubt on Kentucky AG…

Kentucky's attorney general said last week that his office's investigation into the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor ruled out friendly fire as the cause of the bullet that struck Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly. AG Daniel Cameron's conclusion, which he stated explicitly last week per Vice , is that Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker...

New US citizen refugees excited for first…

Tens of thousands of refugees fleeing wars and persecution who were welcomed into the U.S. are now American citizens voting the first time in what could be the most consequential presidential election of their lifetimes

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Robotic-infant crawls for science

When babies crawl, their movement across floors, especially carpeted surfaces, kicks up high levels of dirt, skin cells, bacteria, pollen, and fungal spores, a study has found. The infants inhale a dose of bio bits in their lungs that is four times (per kilogram of body mass) what an adult would breathe walking across the same floor.

Florida Lifts State Coronavirus Restrictions for…

Florida Lifts , State Coronavirus Restrictions , for Restaurants. Republican FL Governor Ron DeSantis announced the lifting of the restrictions on Friday. . Phase 3 of Florida's reopening will allow bars and nightclubs to operate fully, limiting social distancing restrictions. Restaurant social distancing measures may not exceed a limitation of 50 percent capacity. We’re not closing anything going forward, Governor Ron DeSantis, (FL-R), via 'The New York Times'. DeSantis, an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, said that counties which seek to limit capacities beyond 50 percent must justify such decisions to the state. According to 'The New York Times,' the positive testing rate in FL is 12 percent. . The World Health Organization states that reopening should occur when positive rates are at 5 percent or lower. Also on Friday, 2,800 new cases of COVID-19 and 120 deaths were added to Florida's tally. Florida's total number of infections have reached almost 700,000. Nearly 14,000 people in the state have died due to COVID-19

Joaquin Phoenix Picks a Touching Name for Son

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara's baby is reportedly here, and the reclusive Hollywood couple apparently picked quite a poignant name. Phoenix "just got a baby ... a beautiful son called River," said director Victor Kossakovsky during the Zurich Film Festival, explaining why the actor wasn't there to promote Kossakovsky's Gunda , which...

Fauci: Take Vitamin D If Deficient

Storms unleash hail and wind

Multiple towns across Kansas were hit by relentless downpours of rain and hail on Sept. 27, due to powerful storms that passed over the state.

My People, My Homeland (US Trailer 1)

Trailer for 'My People, My Homeland' starring Bo Huang, You Ge, Wei Fan, Chao Deng, Teng Shen

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Cops Intervene After Trump's Ex-Campaign Manager…

President Trump's ex-campaign manager, Brad Parscale, was hospitalized in Florida Sunday after his wife called police to report he was armed and threatening to kill himself. Officers took him from his Fort Lauderdale home under the state's Baker Act, which allows for temporary involuntary commitment if a person is a...

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After SCOTUS Nomination, GOP Sells 'Notorious ACB…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hasn't yet been laid to rest , but the GOP is already capitalizing on her nickname. Within minutes of President Trump nominating Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, the National Republican Senatorial Committee was already selling "Notorious ACB" shirts—a play on, of course,...

S. Korea's Moon apologizes over handling of…

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has apologized for the first time for the death of a man who was shot by North Korean troops last week, saying his government failed in its responsibility to safeguard a citizen

Behold the 'UFO Jellyfish'

Jellyfish that looks like a UFO

Tory Lanez Denies Megan Thee Stallion’s Shooting…

Tory Lanez Denies , Megan Thee Stallion’s Shooting Allegations , on Surprise Album. After keeping a low profile since the July incident, the rapper dropped a surprise album, ‘Daystar,’ that addresses the shooting. Lanez teased the album by tweeting to fans prior to the drop. To my fans … I’m sorry for my silence …. but respectfully .. I got time today …… 9 PM PST, Tory Lanez, via Twitter. Lanez opens the album with “Money Over Fallouts” and asks, “How the f--- you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons?”. Throughout the 17-track album, he denies the allegations, discusses his reputation and addresses “friends turning into enemies," including JoJo. Lanez mentions how the two were with Kylie Jenner that night but doesn’t provide details around how Megan Thee Stallion got her foot injuries later. Although he denies Meg’s story about the shooting, he does apologize for other behavior. There’s traumas in my past that make me talk loud and lash at you / Sorry for the times my attitude mixed with the status too, Tory Lanez, on “Care for You”. Lanez also notes in the album that he hopes they can speak again someday. The rapper is due in court on October 13

TikTok Ban Blocked at Last Minute

Four hours before it was set to take effect, a federal judge blocked the Trump administration's attempt to prohibit Americans from downloading TikTok . The judge partially granted a request by the Chinese-owned app for a temporary injunction, meaning it will remain available on mobile app stores for now, CNN and...

Analysis: Trump's Doubled Down On Appealing To…

The percentage of voters who see President Donald Trump as conservative has jumped during his presidency compared to his 2016 campaign. But according to CNN contributor Harry Enten, that's not good news for Trump as the general election looms. In efforts to appease the base, Trump has failed to appeal to those outside of it. There are more Democrats and independents than there are Republicans in the electorate. Today, Quinnipiac's polling has Trump down with independents by 8 points, and his deficit among Democrats has ballooned from 84 points to 94 points. If Trump ends up losing, it'll be because his gains with the Republican base have not been offset by his losses among other voters.

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Sharp drop in temperature coming to Midwest

Temperatures will range from 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit below normal in most areas, and gusty winds could make it feel even colder.