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White House Reveals Where The Next COVID-19 Hot…

Deborah Birx, the Trump administration's COVID-19 response director, revealed new predictions on Wednesday.

Legendary Cartoonist Confirmed Dead At 91

The longtime Mad magazine contributor is universally known for his caricatures of actors, politicians and other celebrities.

The Coronavirus Is Behind Him. The Death Threats…

When the coronavirus epidemic exploded, Carl Goldman was aboard the Diamond Princess, which would become a notorious virus location.

What's Really Behind The Toilet Paper Shortage?

What does toilet paper have to do with a global pandemic? Nothing. Yet millions of people have been panicking about their household supply.

Longtime Film Actor Dies Of Coronavirus

A former co-star confirmed the actor's death on social media.

White House says no 'surprise' bills for COVID-19…

The White House says hospitals taking money from the $2 trillion stimulus bill will have to agree not to send “surprise” medical bills to patients treated for COVID-19

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Meteor Used Earth As Slingshot For Express Ticket…

A meteor reportedly used Earth as a slingshot and got itself an “express ticket” to Jupiter.

6 Mild COVID-19 Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

The severity of COVID-19 symptoms can range from very mild to severe. Here are potential symptoms you shouldn't ignore.

Boris Johnson Has Been Moved out of the Intensive…

Boris Johnson Has Been Moved out of the Intensive Care Unit On April 9, a Downing Street spokesman confirmed that U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved out of the intensive care unit (ICU). The spokesman seemed to imply that Johnson’s COVID-19 symptoms had improved, saying he was now in the “early phase of his recovery.” Spokesman, via CNN The spokesman also said that Johnson was in “extremely good spirits,” but did not elaborate further. 55-year-old Johnson was taken to St. Thomas’ Hospital in London on April 5 for “routine tests.” On April 6, he was rushed to the ICU after his conditions “worsened.” On April 8, Culture Minister Oliver Dowden reported that Johnson had been “getting better” in the ICU. Oliver Dowden, via ’The New York Times' According to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, the Prime Minister did not require any mechanical or invasive ventilation while in the ICU.

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Phyllis Lyon Won Her Battle to Marry

Phyllis Lyon, a civil rights leader who founded the nation's first lesbian rights organization, died Thursday at age 95. Lyon, who lived in San Francisco, died of natural causes, CNN reports. "We lost a giant today," said the chairman of the California Senate's LGBTQ caucus. Along with Del Martin, Lyon...

Shanghai To Reopen Schools

Local schools in Shanghai have been closed for many weeks now. This move was made in an effort to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. The good news is that schools will reopen starting April 27th, according to Reuters. Classes for the final years of both junior and senior high schools would be permitted to resume. Schools should make preparations to resume classes for other grades before May 6th. Specific timing will be announced by each school as the dates moves closer.

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U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Released From…

The prime minister was transferred to another hospital ward Thursday evening.

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Disease expert chimes in on warm weather and…

Brittany Boyer has the latest on COVID-19 including a word from Dr. Fauci, and how more states are implementing preventative measures.

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Trailer for 'Moondance' starring Adam Conover, Cooper Flannigan, Sam Jones, Carolyn Rabbers, Jonah Robinson

Posting Photos Brings Lawsuit for Comedian

Amy Schumer posted two photos of herself on Instagram, which sounds fair enough. But the photographer says the photos taken last year weren't hers to post, and the comedian now faces a lawsuit. Felipe Ramales filed suit in New York, the Daily News reports. "One cannot use photographs without the...

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NFL will have 58 prospects participating remotely…

The NFL announces 58 prospects will participate remotely in the draft next week

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Alyssa Milano Raises Alarm Over Gun Sales During…

Alyssa Milano raised an alarm over the recent gun sales.

10 Plants That Are Safe for Kids and Pets

10 Plants That Are Safe for Kids and Pets Plants add life, color and air-purifying properties to your home. These plants will accomplish all of that without harming the ones you love. 1. Boston Fern 2. African Violet 3. Blue Echeveria 4. Parlour Palm 5. Haworthia 6. Barberton Daisy 7. Phalaenopsis Orchids 8. Spider Plant 9. Prayer Plant 10. Baby's Tears