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Supreme Court Down To 8 Justices Today After…

The Supreme Court says Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is missing arguments at the court after falling ill.

Things Go From Bad To Worse For Porn Star Who…

Attorneys for porn star Stormy Daniels are fighting a judge's ruling that could financially ruin Stormy Daniels.

America's Biggest Milk Producer Files For…

Got milk? Increasingly, Americans don't, and that led the nation's biggest milk producer to file for bankruptcy.

Fox News Star Viciously Attacked For His Stance…

The well-known commentator is facing major backlash more than two decades into his career at Fox News.

Iconic Actress And Model Dead At 94

The actress, best known for her role in Stanley Kubrick's first film "Fear and Desire," died after a brief illness.

Impeachment witness says Trump asked about…

Trump asked about Ukraine ‘investigations,’ diplomat testifies as public impeachment hearings open

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Adam Schiff: 'I Do Not Know The Identity Of The…

The impeachment hearing is underway in Washington, DC.

NFL Forcing Kaepernick Down Teams' Throats Again?

The NFL-arranged workout, which was first reported by ESPN, was confirmed by Kaepernick on Twitter.

Yelling At Your Dog Can Have Long-Term Negative…

Yelling At Your Dog Can Have Long-Term Negative Effects, Study Shows . An analysis says using negative commands can result in long-term stress for your pooch. The study can be found in the journal BioRxiv. Besides stress, it adds that a dog's cognitive abilities can be also be affected. For the study, 92 dogs from training facilities in Portugal were put into two groups. One group was trained aggressively and had choke collars used on them. The other went through training in a docile manner with rewards coming in the form of treats. The three-year study saw the dogs go through multiple stress tests. In one, negatively-trained dogs approached bowls of food slower than the other, a sign of pessimism. "Dogs trained using aversive-based methods experienced poorer welfare as compared to companion dogs trained using reward-based methods ..." - Researchers, via study. "Dogs attending schools using aversive-based methods displayed more stress-related behaviors ..." - Researchers, via study. It appears saying "Good Dog" may be more important than previously thought

Here's What Trump Is Doing While He's Being…

"I'm too busy to watch it. It's a witch hunt, it's a hoax, I'm too busy to watch it. So, I'm sure I'll get a report," Trump told reporters.

Airport Smuggler Used a Body Double for a Cat

A Russian cat owner is out hundreds of thousands of air miles—the price for smuggling his fat feline aboard a flight in an elaborate scheme using a body double. Mikhail Galin might have gotten away with the ruse had he not bragged about it after the fact on Facebook,...

Pompeo On Alleged Low Morale Of State Dept…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday downplayed reports of low morale at the State Department. According to Politico, such reports have been exacerbated by the House impeachment investigation. ...The American people should be comfortable knowing that we are continuing to do the hard work to deliver good policy outcomes for President Trump and the United States. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo The State Department's inspector general is to soon unveil the results of an investigation.

Things Go From Bad To Worse For McDonald's

The most recent news comes on the heels of McDonald's firing its CEO last week for having a consensual relationship with an employee.

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NFL To Hold Workout Session For Colin Kaepernick

The NFL says the workout session is an opportunity for teams to evaluate Kaepernick's "level of interest in resuming his NFL career."

NASA Scientists Baffled By Recent Discovery On…

A bizarre discovery on Mars has experts scratching their heads.

Records shattered by cold in central New York

While this system didn't break any snow records in Syracuse, it brought plenty of cold. The record low maximum for Nov. 12 was shattered by 4 degrees. The new record of 27 was set on Tuesday and a new record low was also set in Syracuse for this date as the mercury dipped to the lower teens.

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Sonic The Hedgehog (Trailer 2)

Trailer for 'Sonic the Hedgehog' starring James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, Jim Carrey, Natasha Rothwell, Debs Howard

2 People in China Contract the Plague

The New York Times is reporting on "fears of an outbreak" of plague—and, no, you haven't traveled back in time. On Tuesday, officials in China announced that two people had been diagnosed with pneumonic plague, which the CDC calls the most serious of three forms of the infectious disease...

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Kentucky governor faces big decision as recanvass…

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky could face a legacy-defining decision once a recanvass of last week’s election is completed Thursday